The smart Trick of Flat Earth Video That No One is Discussing

Rayn Gryphon:  is a YouTuber and blogger who joined IFERS and posted absolutely nothing but huge, convoluted, extended-winded, semi-appropriate copy/pastes from his blogs into numerous threads, and when extremely politely asked not to do so, and asked to write with bigger clarity and simplicity so we could understand him, he refused and was Therefore banned. Right after his banishment he commenced earning daily videos about IFERS, how offended He's, and turning his banishment into a substantial soap opera drama the place he falsely statements he was "harassed, assaulted, bullied, crushed, harmed, injured, mentally abused" and my most loved, "gang-stalked" by us, professing we committed "violence" against him which he's psychologically venting by building countless videos with flat Earth search phrases.

Love your perform mate. Top fucking shit. Im about to do an experiment on deal with ebook. I have NO close friends on facebook as at todays date 24 Sep 2015.

A matter for the mainstream for me is - How can a spirit stage get the job done all over the place on the ball earth or concave a single for that matter? It might't!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Giving him the benefit of the doubt, even so, I discovered many of his newer videos ended up quite fantastic and obtained word of his concept to file a laser experiment to disprove the Earth's supposed curvature.  Jeran setup a next donation webpage, this time with GoFundMe, the place he began taking donations not only for his flat Earth experiment "wish-record" including don't just a telescope, laser, Laptop or computer program/components, but will also the kicker, that can help pay off the property finance loan on his dwelling!

I come across it irritating mainly because all this Strength is employed up focus on real congruence And do not get weighed down with colluding on these reduced vibrational degrees

i found this very last claim being particularly odd. i utilised to observe a volcano explode everyday After i was remaining in japan. this footage from hawaii would seem pretty straight-ahead, much too.

  I have proven in my Flat Earth Conspiracy e book further than any shadow of the question that earth Freemasonry is responsible for this global deception, and an easy Google search of "Judaism and Freemasonry" will satisfy anybody of The point that globe Freemasonry is 100% beholden to, originating from, and preserved by entire world Jewry.

Lately, working with one among my learners, a Cambridge maritime biologist, we touched over the flat-earth subject matter. My college student told me the a few biggest scientific breakthroughs had been the Copernican principle, Darwin's theory of evolution, and Freud's sexual intercourse-obessed psychoanalysis. And that every one particular lessened man's picture of himself. I pointed out that in historic purchase, the 3 theories shift from the macro into the micro, within the earth's marriage towards the universe, to male's romance Together with the earth, also to the individual's romance to himself and Modern society.

  He was also over the radio with Mark earlier this week admitting that, "even though my profile logo reveals a flat Earth map, I'm not essentially a hundred% a flat Earther, I'm just one hundred% confident the Earth isn't a ball."  Once more, a intended "primary" flat Earther stating on radio interviews that they are not even absolutely sure of their own model!

I just observed Andrew's overall blog site on this matter disturbing and will make me concern his legitimacy to his connection with Dr. Judy Wood.

I stumbled across this video these days and it just so occurs that Max took a compass on to a aircraft from Santiago, Chili to Sydney, Australia.

  On signing up for IFERS I gave him my straightforward link is here belief of his videos, which evidently he failed to enjoy since the next day he produced the silliest shilliest video of all time claiming that i'm in fact David Wilcox!

Many thanks, Eric! Excellent to be aware of who will and can't be reliable so I don't squander my time. I am on p. sixty five of the guide and am Totally fascinated! Keep up The good work! Also, I recommended you for an job interview on two radio displays so, hopefully they will be speaking to you... Peace and adore~

I can't visualize every other shills. I locate it amusing, only since I am pretty tranquil about this subject matter, that your listing of shills matches what I've discerned about those characters.

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